Faye Gastronomie Caraïbes Canouan,
Gourmet Food, Wine & Spirits Store

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Faye Gastronomie Caraïbes Canouan

Gourmet Food Store for Culinary
Leisure and Professionals

  • +1 784 432 55 21
  • Sandy Lane Yacht Club Marina
    Glossy Bay, Canouan VC0450, St. Vincent & Grenadines
  • Mondays - Fridays 9am/730pm
    Tuesdays - 9am / 830pm
    Saturdays - 9am / 4pm
    Sundays - 9am / 1pm
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All your Yachting
Essentials imported weekly from France to Canouan!

Faye Gastronomie Caraïbes offers an exclusive selection of fresh seasonal organic products, from vegetables to cheeses, sweets, seafood and exclusive meat cuts. Coming weekly from the largest food market in the world in France, straight to our shelves.

Faye Gastronomie Caraïbes is also offering a world-wide wine and spirit cellar. From world’s leading Châteaux, exquisite vineyards and producers

All products are guaranteed to be climate controlled throughout the whole importation process.

Our price list
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An Exclusive
Wine and Spirit Selection

Discover the most unique wine selection on the island. From Champagne, Rosé, white & red Wines, Dessert wines…Mainly from France, and as well Italy, Portugal, Chile and Paso Robles, California.

All our wines are stocked into our wine cellar with a constant recommended temperature. We work with appropriate vintages, mainly with winemakers that we personally know, sharing the same values as we do.

  • Champagne
  • Spirits and Liquors
  • wines
  • Mixology
  • Glasses, Decanters and Bucket
  • Beers
  • Private sales
Our Beverage Catalog
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Hotels, Chefs, Culinary Professionals,
discover our wholesale prices, foods, Spirits,
kitchen & launders Equipments
and so much more...

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