Daou Vineyard Soul of lion

Passionately curated

Each bottle of Soul of a Lion represents a nine-year journey of passionate curation. This journey begins with rare bois rosé French barrels whose staves are seasoned in the elements for five years prior to coopering.

The wine is then aged for nearly two years in these proprietary DAOU 5-Year barrels conceived by Winemaker Daniel Daou. Finally, it is held for extended bottle maturation prior to allocation-ensuring that each vintage has achieved perfection upon release.

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Soul of a Lion

A blockbuster vintage that showcases how Bordeaux varieties are remarkably suited to the terroir of DAOU Mountain.

This wine explodes from the glass with a kaleidoscope of aromas and flavors, including blackberry, blueberry, black currant, dark cherry, sweet tobacco and licorice. An added floral dimension imparts an integrated sense of elegance and freshness. While full-bodied with ultra-high phenolic levels, this wine maintains it evenness and poise through an extraordinarily long finish.

Structured, balanced and powerful, the 2018 Soul of a Lion will reveal its full magnitude after several years of careful cellaring.



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