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At Faye Gastronomie Caraïbes, reliability is paramount. We work diligently to humble unforeseen circumstances with precision. We leave no room for omission or approximation. Placing an order with Faye Gastronomie Caraïbes means receiving your order on time and with quality.

Stocks and availability

Not only are we able to source any type of product at its best quality, Faye Gastronomie Caraïbes also guarantees an available stock throughout the year with up to date sourced high-end products. If a product will be short on stock, an equal substitute will be presented in advance in order to suit best your needs.

Personalized service

At Faye Gastronomie Caraïbes, Personalized service is provided in order to make sure that each of our customer experiences are tailored to their exact needs and preferences. We always make sure to find, even on short notice, the exact requested quality and needed products.

Strong supply capacity

Having a direct connection on the Biggest Fresh Food Market in the world, Faye Gastronomie Caraïbes is able to source any type of products at its best quality, even rare ones, as long as it is authorised for importation.


We guarantee all our products quality of being consistently trustworthy, as for our services and deliveries.

Faye Gastronomie Caraïbes ensures to provide personalized services to each of its customers.

Our chefs are in direct contact with culinary professionals to ensure they fully understand your needs. We guarantee the quality and reliability of all our products. Faye Gastronomie Caraïbes delivers only the best and freshest ingredients to your kitchens with our weekly arrivals of exceptional products directly imported from the world’s largest food market.

At Faye Gastronomie Caraïbes, we not only provide fresh products but also exceptional items that food sector businesses require. You’ll find our exclusive cella with wines and spirits, our dry goods, as well as our Art de La Table selection featuring cutlery, glassware, and much more!

  • Fresh foods The best quality sourced straight out from the biggest fresh food market in the world
  • Wines & Spirits Most prestigious and unique selection on the island, all climate controlled.
  • Beverages All type of worldwide known waters, syrups, liquors and spirits are sourced for your professional needs.
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Our brands

Faye Gastronomie Caraibes is able to provide you with everything you need for your hotel business operation

Aside from our fresh foods, wines and spirits products, Faye Gastronomie Caraïbes can provide you the best services and products regarding linens, tableware, glassware, flatware, decoration accessories, kitchen and overall furniture.
This includes, all types of professional appliances with maintenance contracts, tailored to your needs and expectations.

  • Kitchen equipment & professional appliances Special kitchen material, knifes, small appliances, and other needed accessories. All type of professional appliances with maintenance contract tailored to your needs and expectations.
  • Amenities & room equipments MiniBar items, linens, decoration items, glassware, all adapted and certified for professional use.
  • Art de la table Glassware, flatware, tableware, small material, coasters, linens, all adapted and certified for professional use, without overlooking the quality.
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Faye Gastronomy has opened the French culinary and hotel market to Saint Lucia. With the leadership of Jacques and Sophie we have daily access to the freshest products from France; wines, coffee, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats and others… Additionally they have a great selection of China/Silver/Glass ware.

Really anything you need to set your table like table lamps, napkins and table cloths you will find at Faye..

When dinning in  Vieux-Fort, Faye is the place to be, you will be treated to real memorable experience !

Christian Gándara General Manager - Ladera resort
photo 2022 08 04 09 27 14

Faye Gastronomie has really changed the culinary landscape of St Lucia. With Jacques and Sophie hotel and restaurant background, they truly understand what chefs want both in terms of product and quality and with almost daily flight options arriving with fresh product from the French Markets

– the world is truly your Oyster

On a personal note whenever I visit Faye in Vieux Forte to dine it  offers that sense of dining in Europe with the finest of produce

– a real treat

Ross Stevenson General Manager – Cap Maison

They trust us