Exclusive Maison Berger Selection


A history marked by passion for the arts and home fragrances

The story begins at the end of the 19th century, in 1898 precisely, when Maurice Berger invented a catalytic diffusion system to purify the air in hospitals. In the 1930s, his little lamp finds its place in many interiors and becomes a pure object of pleasure, a piece that we do not hesitate to collect. More than 100 years after its first appearance, it remains the most famous home fragrance in the world! And for several decades, Maison Berger Paris collection has been enriched with new scented creations.

Maison Berger Paris, expert perfumer for 120 years

From lamps to candles, through bouquets, car diffusers, electric perfume diffusers and refills, you can discover Maison Berger Paris’s universe and treat yourself.

Collections combining tradition and modernity

In the beginning, Maison Berger Paris offered an innovative object to purify the atmosphere of closed rooms. Then, the collection evolved and over the years, new products were created. Today, it includes several perfuming objects that are characterised by their elegance and olfactory signature. Maison Berger Paris has also developed many fragrances for lamps and bouquets, with floral, fruity, gourmet, oriental, fresh or pure notes. So many scents that help you feel good every day and that have been imagined by master perfumers in Grasse. Thus, Maison Berger Paris creations are as timeless as they are innovative, constantly reinterpreted but also emblems of our expertise and traditions.

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