The Faye Gastronomie Caraïbes Experience
in Saint Lucia

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The Faye Gastronomie Experience is an extraordinary journey in the heart of the Caribbean. More than just a culinary experience, Faye Gastronomie transports you to timeless moments in a corner of paradise. A team of professionals are at your service to surprise you and create memorable moments!

An incredible culinary journey on the road of the Grenadines Islands

A wild island with volcanic landscapes, Saint Lucia is a dream destination to rejuvenate and awaken your senses to culinary delights. That’s why the Faye Gastronomie Experience is an experience not to be missed to fully enjoy your trip in the Southern Caribbean. With a blend of local, French, and international products, Faye Gastronomie Caraïbes welcomes you to its restaurant “Artisan” and its fine food boutiques.




A gourmet restaurant in Saint Lucia

Our Artisan restaurant welcomes you for an exceptional culinary experience. From the open kitchen, our chefs offer you the best of French gastronomy while blending it with world cultures. In our restaurant, fresh and seasonal products take center stage. Foods are delicately paired for a perfect blend of flavors.

A Sushi Bar and its Japanese-inspired menu

To celebrate our passion for Japanese cuisine, our Sushi Bar offers you unique menus prepared on-site. Let yourself be seduced by our refined pieces with surprising flavors! All our fresh ingredients are fresh, and we know how to enhance them.

A departure lounge space near Saint Lucia airport

Easily accessible from Hewanorra Airport, our lounge space welcomes you before boarding your flight. You can wait in peace in a cozy space. For more tranquility and comfort, we offer transportation and luggage services. This service can also be extended to your guests arriving on the island.

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Boutiques offering exceptional products, unique to Saint Lucia and at the Canouan Marina

Our boutiques are Caribbean landmarks for finding rare and high-quality food products. Every week, they are restocked with products from the Rungis market (France). To ensure fresh products and proper packaging, we carefully select the items we import.

  • Wines, champagnes, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, gourmet groceries: We think of everything to extend the immersion into our Faye Gastronomy universe!

Our boutiques allow us to deliver to hotels and restaurants in the Grenadine Islands and St. Lucia.

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Yacht Provisioning services, providing the best of world products

On land and at sea, our team is entirely devoted to our clients. With our professional network, we can ensure yacht provisioning with quality fresh products. To offer a complete service, we also provide delivery of non-food products and a selection of Art de la Table products.

  • Rare products, international items: Faye Gastronomie Caraïbes guarantees exclusivity, quality, and responsiveness!
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A Restaurant awarded and listed among the 21 best restaurants in the world in 2024

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When the press talks about us

Every year, National Geographic’s publishes the highly anticipated “BEST OF THE WORLD,” which gathers the best addresses to experience. Our restaurant “Artisan” in Saint Lucia has the privilege of being among the 21 best restaurants in the world for 2024. This is a great reward for all the teams who contribute to making this place a unique venue, where culinary innovation is in harmony with passion and excellence.

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Prestigious Chefs

Chef Jacques Chrétien, with a successful international career, is pleased to welcome you to his restaurant alongside his son, Chef Kévin Dirson, and Chef Esteban Derache. A member of the Association des Maîtres Chefs de France, Jacques Chrétien loves to share his passion for culinary arts and his passion for hospitality through a French touch. Dicover for more information.

Much more than a destination, an experience to be lived if you are passing through Saint Lucia or Canouan

On the route to the Grenadines Islands from Miami or any other city in the world, Saint Lucia and Canouan are destinations not to be missed! And Faye Gastronomie Caraïbes is determined to introduce you to its unique and creative universe!

  • Saint Lucia In Saint Lucia, you will find our restaurant and boutique easily accessible upon arrival or before departure from the island, near the airport.
  • Canouan Further south in the archipelago, you will find our gourmet grocery boutique near the Marina in Canouan.

Faye Gastronomie Caraïbes: passion at the service of culinary excellence

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Faye Gastronomie Caraïbes is above all a story of family and friendship between the Faye and Chrétien families.

Driven by the passion for “eating well” by working with refined products, we are constantly striving for excellence to offer our customers the best of gastronomy. We love to transmit, impress, and surprise all our guests. The Faye Gastronomie Caraïbes Experience is an experience to be felt, lived, and shared!