Goût de France infiltrates Artisan!
Saturday, April 20th

Discover the French gastronomy!

In celebration of the Goût de France event, the French Embassy of Saint Lucia has selected Artisan to showcase french gastronomy.
Come and savor our special Goût de France gastronomic meal on Saturday, April 20th, starting at 7PM at Artisan in Saint Lucia.

During this evening, we offer you a unique culinary experience! To celebrate French culinary heritage boldly, we present an exclusive and unique menu highlighting local produce.

Our french chefs Jacques Chrétien, Kevin Dirson, and Esteban Derache have meticulously crafted and studied each dish on this menu to introduce you to the finest flavors.

On this occasion, they will have the honor of receiving and cooking with Mrs. Béatrice Fabignon and Mr. Alexandre Laumain (MOF Baker), who will come to share their words to offer you an unforgettable “French” meal and experience.

Available from $150 per person, you will enjoy a succession of 7 courses paired with wines.

What is Goût de France ?

Initiated by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, and approaching the Olympic Games, the Goût de France event is organized in all French embassies worldwide. This event is dedicated to French gastronomy, showcasing exceptional chef talents, the richness of our food products, and France’s influence in culinary matters.

Goût de France aims to promote French gastronomy as a foundational element of French identity and highlight our culinary heritage.

The French Embassy of Saint Lucia has decided to extend the Goût de France campaign on the island throughout the month of April. Therefore, three establishments, including Artisan, have been selected to hosst a typically French gastronomic dinner.

At this event, renowned French chefs will be present on the island to enjoy these gourmet dinners, such as Mrs. Béatrice Fabignon and M. Alexandre Laumain, with whom we will have the privilege of cooking during the evening planned at our establishment.

Discover the menu!

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