Our Truffled Brie – A must Have

The exquisiteness of black truffles, simply chopped, combined with the authentic flavour of Brie de Meaux Fermier AOP.

DARING. Such a short word to express so much energy. Edmond de Rothschild made it the foundation of his achievements and passed it on as a legacy. 

This is how, with hard work and perseverance, the family farm became the only cheese dairy to produce Brie de Meaux Fermier AOP and to develop it so boldly.

On the family terroir in Seine‑et‑Marne, Edmond de Rothschild Heritage has been pursuing its vision of French dairy excellence, with fierce passion and unfailing expertise, since the 1990s.

Each of the Edmond de Rothschild family’s projects is guided by the principles of beauty, excellence and respect for the surrounding natural wonders.

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At Faye Gastronomie Caraïbes, our Best-seller from our Cheese selection, is indisputably the Truffled Brie Fermier à la truffe Edmond de Rothschild Heritage.

Gourmet and prestigious, A unique tasting experience  

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For the “Fermier à la truffe du Périgord”, the head cheesemaker at the Domaine des 30 Arpents selects the finest Bries de Meaux, which are lovingly ripened for five to six weeks. Each cheese is cut in half and garnished with a Crème de Brillat mixture, to which are added thin slices of Périgord black truffles. To allow the truffle to fully express itself within the creamy texture of the cheese, the Brie wheel is again placed in a maturing cellar for several days.

To maximise your tasting experience, take the “Fermier à la truffe du Périgord” out of the refrigerator one hour before serving.

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